Tamu Organics

Welcome to Tamu Organics

Taste freshness beyond the sea

Empowering Communities, Nurturing Nature

At Tamu Organics, we’re on a mission to create positive change in the coastal region of Kenya. Our organization is dedicated to two fundamental principles: environmental conservation and community well-being. Through innovative and sustainable initiatives, we’re shaping a future where thriving ecosystems and empowered communities coexist harmoniously.

Our Vision

Our vision is a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, where thriving ecosystems support thriving communities.

Our Mission

Tamu Organics is dedicated to nurturing nature-based enterprises that restore and preserve vital coastal ecosystems. By engaging with the communities involved in the fish value chain, we aim to create alternative livelihood opportunities that empower local residents while fostering environmental stewardship.

Tamu Chicks feeds

 Is a complete feed product rich in fish protein, coconut fiber and sustainably sourced cereals.  Our feeds are 100% organic. The feeds are formulated to ensure highly digestible amino acids, sugars and promote probiotic action in the guts of animals translating to healthy & productive flock.

What Drives Us


Provision of safe & affordable feeds and Fertilizer

Environmental protection & enhancement

Provision of Job opportunity & income generation

Our Impact

Through a unique blend of mangrove restoration, beekeeping, and sustainable resource utilization, we’re crafting a brighter future for the coastal region. Partnering with Community Interest Groups (CIGs) in Shimoni/Kibuyuni, we’re not only revitalizing mangrove habitats but also promoting pollination and sustainable honey production.

Our initiatives go beyond ecological restoration. We’re transforming fish scraps into valuable resources, driving fertilizer and feeds for fish, chicken, and cattle farming, contributing to a circular and sustainable economy.